Monday, December 31, 2007

Pam Photo Added

Pam's photo now appears with our other journal friends. She has taken her rightful place.  Thanks to Guido for forwarding the photo to me.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Thank you

Thank you everyone for leaving your tributes to our angels.With all of our JLAND ANGELS who are no longer with us it is nice to come to this journal and read what all of you have written about them.


A special Thank You goes out to Jeannette for helping me with this journal. I have given her permission to add what she wishes to add to this journal to make it a great one. She will also have my permission to monitor this journal and delete anything that is not appropriate in it.



Photos Of Our Friends

I already have  photos of Kim and Lahoma.  Does anyone please have photos of Penny and Pam?  If so can you please e-mail them to me.  It would be nice if their pictures could appear on the sidebar along with the beautiful sidebar Graphic Donna (nightmaremom) has made for this journal. 

Sunny would like this journal to be as great a tribute as it can be and adding pictures of our lost friends would be a nice touch.

Thank you.

In memory of my Aunt Judy


In feb. of 2008 I will be a member of this community for finding Jland I have made many wonderful friends.. I am a very private person and often write about the simple things in life..things that make me happy and bring me joy...but on March 3rd 2006 someone very near and dear to me..My Aunt Judy lost her battle with breast cancer...and for the first time I came to my journal in tears and wrote from the heart....about the ache I was feeling in my heart from losing my aunt...someone who was more like a sister to we grew up together...When she married and moved on...if I wasn't at home...I was at her house...once I married and moved on...we started traditions of being together every Christmas Eve and New Years Eve...memories I will cherish forever. Those holidays are so very hard on me because there is a void without her here...but i know she would want me to eventually start new traditions and in time I will...but she will always be with me in spirit.

My Aunt Judy was only 43yrs old when she passed away...she turned 44yrs old on the day of her funeral on March 6th 2006...she left behind a daughter Chelsey who was 14 at the time and her loving husband Mike.

I have my windchimes hanging that my friend gave me when you passed...and everytime they ring...they ring in memory of you Judy

*Toast* to the New Year as we did many years in the past...

"May you watch over me and guide me in the right path and direction as you did here on earth...and may 2008 be filled with blessings"

I love you and miss you dearly Ju Ju (she is probably smiling and shaking her fist at me from above, as she didn't like me calling her Ju Ju...but i did many times to get a rise out of her..hehehe) 

Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts here on this journal...



*Thanks to Donna(This that & Hockey) for the beautiful graphic above



Saturday, December 29, 2007

Flagging J-Land Angels...

Taken from my journal Daughters of the Shdowmen. Here is the link: where you can leave your message.

I like many others have been thinking about the passing of some brave journalists during the Christmas holidays.  I went to Kim's journal regularly when her cancer started up again for I have never read such a spirited journal about such a terrible battle.  She really was a great warrior.  I think of her as gone now to where all the great fighters go, to glory.  As Donna said when her sister died of pancreatic cancer a few weeks ago, she earned her wings.  They have all earned their wings as we have witnessed in the weeks past.  I tried to think of something special I wanted to do in their honor, besides copying and pasting this entry in the journal that was created for us all to express ourselves about these wonderful ladies.  If you had developed doubts, they would all make you believe in God again. 

I think of my dear sister LaRae who died as bravely as any woman could, a little over twenty years ago, of ovarian cancer.  She actually dreamed not long before she died that murderers chased her to the top of a tall building and she could not escape.  She was going to be killed, and then she thought I should have grown my wings by now, and she tried and she had, and she flew away.  As John Donne, the great English poet wrote, "Death thou shalt die."  So my sister was able to still her doubts and fly away to God. She had defeated death. 

I have found a wonderful book of poetry and stories written about death and the dying. I am going to make another DVD of a poetry readng, honoring these ladies, all written by great poets like John Keats, James Dickey, Emily Dickenson, Dylan Thomas, and William Carlos Williams.  These are wonderful poems, inspiring, funny, tragic, and I am offering a DVD to anyone who wants one.  Just send me your address.  I don't know how long I will be around, so time seems of the essence.  I feel I want to do this now in honor of these inspiring ladies. Nurses like Pam and my sister Margie will automatically get one without asking.  They have done so much for the sick and dying they deserve our tributes as well.


Mzgoochi and Demandn

It's funny how images can make you think of a person so fondly. Lahoma aka MzGoochi reached out her hand in friendship from day one of "meeting" her.  I have to hold onto the laughter that she caused/created around her so that I do not dissolve into tears. Lahoma knew that I loved monkeys, so she sent me so many graphics of all kinds of monkeys...she knew I would have a ball with them. I, on the other hand, made her laugh hysterically at the above picture of my own daughter and grand babies. We live a great distance from each other and I had not seen the twins in several months. I got this picture and daughter is half Japanese - how are the babies blond? I swear Lahoma was rolling with laughter at me over my perplexion. Every time I think of it - it makes me laugh. I also felt very protective of Lahoma she was the same age as my Alisa, and she had been through so much in her young life...losing her Mom, Dad at an early age, radical breast surgery at 30 years of age...scary stuff. Lahoma loved her son Cameron and her "better half" Robert so much. I worry for Cameron being so young still. I know a lot of the younger journalers were very close to Lahoma and I feel so much for them too. She was such a helpful person, even when she was being picked on several years ago she still managed to reach out and help newcomers.

 I am so glad that I did get a few years to know her, I'm going to miss her like more emails, no more ecards, no more "hey Sandi, check this out"...Fly to heaven's gate on the wings ofan Angel sweet child.....

Kim aka Demandn...a warrior's spirit that would not give up, fighting till the end. She was a beautiful girl, a loving wife and such a devoted Mother.  She wrote very well, and took you right into her life with her down to earth stories, even about routine things. I remember her getting incensed over an ex-wife's nonsense and man, it was like someone lit a fuse under her. And leave her kids alone, if you don't want a lioness in your face. Lord, how she loved her family...I feel so sad for them.

She also loved to take photographs, she had an excellent eye for it and some of the photo's were breathtakingly beautiful. Kim used to get on my case about finishing my stories that I started...I guess I left people hanging waiting for the endings. She did spur me on to complete some, for which I am grateful. Oh, Kim was so proud of her daughter's singing voice...she put on a recording on her journal and the voice is much talent. I hope she goes on to do something with it, it would be a living tribute to her Mom.

 I know when we mourn we are not grieving for the departed, we are crying for ourselves because of our own great loss in losing them.  I will remember these two wonderful friends until the day I die...hoping, someday, to join them in that great Garden in the sky.....Sandi

For Our Departed Friends

I am sure that this is what they would have said to us.

Death is nothing at all. I have only slipped away into the next room. I am I, and you are you. Whatever we were to each other, that we still are. Call me by my old familiar name, speak to me in the easy way that you always used. Put no difference in your tone, wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow. Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes we enjoyed together. Play, smile, think of me, pray for me. Let my name be ever the household word that it always was, let it be spoken without effect, without the trace of a shadow on it.

Life means all that it ever meant. It is the same as it ever was; there is unbroken continuity. Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight? I am waiting for you, for an interval,somewhere very near, just round the corner.

All is well.

-- Henry Scott Holland
Links to some of their journals



October 1, 2007....a piece of my heart died and passed along to Heaven.  Penny, sweet, funny, loving Penny, earned her wings leaving a void.  Penny was a very private person so it was amazing that she even had a journal.  She didn't have a huge amount of readers but the readers she had were totally in love with Ms. Penny.

She was a rock for many.  She made me laugh every day.  She had an enormous sense of humor and wit.  She loved her purses, flip flops, lipstick.  She also had a great love for artwork from the masters.  I can't tell you how many times I've visited her journal since October.  I've read it from end to end.  Actually, it is her second journal.  She deleted her first but couldn't stay away. 

I pray every day for her daughter Corey and her doggie, Mandy.  Rest in peace, beautiful Penny.  I know you  are flying with the angels with Lisa Jo's Buddy by your side and welcoming the newest JLand angels, Kim and Lahoma. 

Love you forever.  I miss you more each day. (Thanks to Missie for the scrap tag included in here.)



Susie had a journal here in Jland called Strawberry Patch. She is the reason I found Jland. She walked me through the steps in making my own journal, and is the reason I have so many wonderful friends here. Due to Susie's health she had to leave Jland and worry about her. Susie passed away recently on October 23, 2007 from complications after surgery to have tumors removed from her throat.

Susie was the youngest of my Dad's 7 children. She was my half sister and I loved her very much. She left behind a loving husband and 2 young beautiful daughters whom she loved so very much. Susie had a good heart. She loved so many, and anyone who met her loved her instantly. I just know she is up in heaven. Rest in Peace lil sister, we miss you.

I love you,


Donna's Sister

I would just like to add another person to your list of angels who have passed. Donna's sister finally got her wings and went home at the beginning of November.

I did not know her, only through Donna's posting in her journal, This and That and Hockey.

I hope that you are at peace now and free from all suffering

hugs Jayne

Friday, December 28, 2007

Remembering Pam

I just wanted to add another angel, who came into my mind, Pam, who wrote the journal " Just One Girl's Head Noise". 

Time has gone so quickly and I cannot remember exactly when she passed.

This was another lady who showed great courage, great humour and great strength of character. Always seeing the positive.

J-Land has been greatly enriched by her and also by the other journallers mentioned in the previous entry by Guido.

I am privileged that I knew them, if only through the medium of writing.  May they rest in peace.

For all our J-Land angels

Tribute 2007

Five remarkable people were lost to J-land in 2007. Four succumbed to cancer, albeit to different forms of the disease. One other died of an accident, caused by old age. All were outstanding personalities.

To say I knew these five is overstating it. Unless you have spoken to someone on the phone, or met them in person, you cannot really claim to know them well. However, their writings did convey an idea of their personality.

Jim (halliday0957) was an old soldier, who was a young man during World War II. His escapades were legendary, as were his struggles with computers and AOL. Old age crept up on him, and it's often said that deaths come in three: he was the third, following the death of two of his old pals. Those who knew Jim will agree that he was a character, and missed in the community.

Kim (demandnlilchit) had the misfortune of suffering from a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer. Her attitude was an example to anyone afflicted by this disease, as has so often been highlighted in the last few days.

Lahoma (mzgoochi) had suffered a third and final relapse of leukaemia, and complications meant that her system was too severely weakened. Apart from a battle with cancer, she also had to do battle with trolls - shame on whoever leaves nasty comments here. I lost track of her for a while, but am aware that she was a reliable friend to quite a few people in her area, who are also in J-land.

Barb (babe73boo) came onto the radar as her cancer had relapsed, and her death came rapidly. I barely knew her.

Penny (penniepooh) had also suffered a relapse of leukaemia, which claimed her after a short spell early in October. I didnot read her much beforehand, but again (like the ladies highlighted above) was noted for a strong spirit in a failing body.

Although formal research has not found that a positive attitude makes any difference in your chances of survival in cancer, it does help. The four women who were taken by cancer all stood out because of their strength of spirit, making them an example to many.

Jim, Kim, Lahoma, Barb and Penny: your struggles are over, your pains past. Rest in peace. You have made a mark, and were a leading light to many.



I see the TROLLS are making the rounds in this journal.


I started this journal because I have lost 4 j-land friends in the last 4 months.

Penny, Barb, Lahoma, and the PINK WARRIOR Kim, Who I knew well.

I made it so other J-landers could let us know how much these people ment to us. I did not start it to have TROLLS lerking in it to post anything negative in it.

I have deleted the negative and blocked him from commenting any more. I hope other J-Landers will post thier memories of J-Landers who are no longer with us.




     With all our friends who have passed away I thought this journal would be nice for Jland writers to write about them and also family members who have passed away. Feel free to write what ever you would like.

You may post pictures and graphics if you would like. This is for all of Jland members to use



Please no TROLLS who speak negative post.