Wednesday, July 23, 2008


This is to let everyone know that due to various difficulties, it became increasingly problematical to update this site.

With the full blessing and co-operation of Sunny who created the concept of having a memorial site for J-Land writers who have passed on,  a new site is being created.  In fact, it is almost ready for release.

Chuck Ferris has been added to the new site which is private at the moment until the finishing touches have been put to it. When that is done it will be opened up.

This site will remain but will NOT be added to in the future. A link to this journal has been put onto the new one.

I shall notify as many people as I can and I have informed the journals editor of this change.

When the new journal is open I shall do a posting here to let you all know.

My thanks to Sunny and also to Donna who made the sidebar graphics for this journal and also Shelley who made the memorial quilt squares.

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